Jola Gawęda

jolagaweda Student of the Institute of Library and Information Science at the University of Warsaw, graduate of the College Against Domestic Violence and a trainer of the “WenDo” self-defence and assertivity technique for women and girls. Actress at the Theatre Institute and a gardening enthusiast. At Feminoteka Jola takes care of the bookshop, manages the cultural activities as well as the volunteering programme. She also deals with the sponsorships and works as one of the counselors of the anti-assault hotline.
E-mail: jolantag[at]feminoteka.pl
tel.: 720-908-973

Małgorzata Łojkowska

Lawyer, trainer and project manager, working to fight domestic violence for many years. She graduated from the College Against Domestic Violence. She cooperated with the National Domestic Violence Helpline “Niebieska linia”, the Nobody’s Children Foundation, the Kidprotect Foundation and the Mederi-Help the Children Foundation. She also worked for the Women’s Rights Centre, the Association for Legal Intervention, Amnesty International, several crisis centers and social security units as well as organizations in charge of diagnosing and treating addictions and co-dependence. As an author of numerous publications and three legal manuals, Małgorzata cooperates with such magazines as “Niebieska linia” Anti-Assault Help or World of Problems. She is also a 2004 laureate of the prize for the best paper on inter-personal violence, currently working on her PhD on Domestic Violence. In Feminoteka she provides legal counseling for the survivors.
E-mail: malgorzatal[at]feminoteka.pl

Julia Maciocha

juliamaciochaApart from studying at the department of Breeding and Protection of Wild Animals at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences Julia is dedicated to feminism. She is a regional coordinator of the Congress of Women in Koszalin and a finalist of the competition “I’m a boss”. She also won the 4th edition of the national contest for young leaders “Talent for talent”. Julia loves thick books, modern art and long journeys. She is addicted to female suffixes, feminist campaigns and prevention of violence. In Feminoteka she is responsible for recruitment and project promotion.
E-mail: juliam[at]feminoteka.pl
tel.: 720 908 971

Aleksandra Magryta

olamagrytaGraduate of the Faculty of German Studies at the University of Warsaw (Literature Department) and of Gender Studies at the National Academy of Science, she also graduated from the College Against Domestic Violence. Ola helped to organize the last five marches for equality known as “Manifas” in Warsaw. Usually she is in charge of managing pro-equality and feminist campaigns. She spent a year in Germany, where she volunteered in an NGO dedicated to fight discrimination, both in German and Polish-speaking groups. Ola loves German language and yoga ashtanga. In Feminoteka she works as a project manager, in charge of volunteers and as a counselor for the anti-assault hotline.
E-mail: aleksandram[at]feminoteka.pl
tel.: 720-908-974

Joanna Piotrowska

joannapiotrowskaFeminoteka’s founder. Chair of the Board. Joanna is a trainer of the self-defence and assertivity technique for women and girls “WenDo”, an anti-discrimination expert and a coach specialized in equality and violence prevention. She graduated from the College Against Domestic Violence and the College of Counselling and Crisis Intervention, both programs run by the Psychological Health Institute. She specializes in helping the child assault survivors.  In Feminoteka she tries to coordinate all that is going on.
E-mail: joannap[at]feminoteka.pl

Hanna Samson

hannasamsonShe graduated from Psychology at the University of Warsow and completed numerous trainings, including a 3-year internship at Synapsis Center. She runs trainings, workshops, consultations and therapies: individual and in groups, working in the CEL Foundation with women who became home abuse victims. She’s also an author of many psychological articles, some books – novels (e.x. „Zimno mi, mamo”, „Miłość reaktywacja”) and popular science essays in the “Sens” and “Wysokie Obcasy” magazines. In Feminoteka provides free psychological help.

Natalia Skoczylas

nataliaskoczylasShe’s studying law at University of Warsow and writing her master dissertation in the field of Criminology.  Her working experience includes collaborating in places such as the Prosecutor’s Office in one of district courts and Klinika Prawa (the “Law Clinic” organization) at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (prisones section). She helps with research project on the foreigners who are serving prison sentences in Poland. She’s a graduate of the College Against Domestic Violence. She also completed an internship in the Obserwatorium Równości Płci at the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). She loves Polish poetry and complicate board games. In Feminoteka she’s a consultant for anti-violence phone.
E-mail: natalias[at]feminoteka.pl
tel.: 720 908 971



Anna Dzierzgowska

She’s a vice-president of Feminoteka’s Board and a teacher, working at the Multicultural High School in Warsaw as history teacher. She’s a volunteer at Amnesty International since 2001. In 2003 she completed a training on school volunteering for human rights, which was organized by the Centre for Education Development in Warsaw. As a coach she has run numerous trainings, especially on preventing discrimination, women’s rights and violence against woman. She’s also the co-author of the Polish version of AI handbook „Making rights a reality”. She organizes workshops for future coaches.

Ewa Rutkowska

She graduated from Philosophy at University of Warsaw. In her dissertation she explored several feminist issues; at the present time she’s studying a master degree at the School of Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science. Since 2003 she’s a coach of self-defence and assertiveness for woman “WenDo”. She worked as a Philosophy teacher in Middle School for 5 years and at the Citizen Education Center. She also ran feminist talks for high school teenagers as part of Gender Studies and during III Feminist Summer School in Słubice. She’s a co-author of the guidebook „Równa szkoła – edukacja wolna od dyskryminacji” („Equal schools: towards an education free from discrimination”).