Feminoteka was founded at 2005. Since 2009 we’re a Public Benefit Organization.

KRS 0000242885,
NIP: 521-33-699-15,
REGON: 140308264
Address: ul. Mokotowska 29a
00-560 Warszawa

Our mission can be summed up by the following sentence from Simone de Beauvoir:
One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.
We believe that what is often seen as feminine, what the society expect from women, depends on the culture, not on nature.

  • We’re working against gender discrimination in social, public and cultural areas. We organize trainings, workshops, meetings, book promotions and discussions. We also publish books,
  • We think there we couldn’t work without our predecessors – we continue the tradition of Polish feminists and cherish their memory,
  • Our priority is to work against violence against women. We run the anti-violence projects for cities as well as for small towns, for schools and workplaces.

Donate today to help us fight against discrimination. You can do it here:
Fundacja Feminoteka
ul. Mokotowska 29a
00-560 Warszawa
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